February 20, 2010

Six on Saturday

1. Ted and I got a date night on Thursday! It was the first time we had been out since the Tim Hawkins show on October 3. Yikes! Having a larger family makes it difficult to get away. So when the pastor announced on Sunday that the church was offering free child care on a first-come, first-served basis, Ted and I beat feet to the sign-ups in the back! We enjoyed a nice dinner at an Indian restaurant.

2. On said date night, we left home with a Restaurant.com gift certificate in hand for The Artisan, a Mediterranean restaurant. The apologetic server first told us that management was no longer accepting those certificates. OK...so we decided to order anyway since we were there. Then the server came back and apologized again--they had no lamb kabobs, which is what we both had ordered. What?! He told us the manager would be out shortly to speak to us. Five minutes later we were still sitting there, so we decided to just leave and go next door to the Indian restaurant, where we enjoyed a FABULOUS meal with a much nicer ambiance and wonderful service.

3. It's been a balmy 37 degrees. Slowly the ice chunks are melting off the driveway. Likely it will nearly melt and then we'll get another snowstorm.

4. Ted has been embracing his inner nerd lately as he has had to rebuild his computer after it died last week. He's been on the phone with his brother Joel a lot, since he is fixing it up as a Linux system, and Joel has a lot of experience with this. (Ted was just getting into it with our old computer and was very happy with it.) Presumably his new pet will be ready after a bit more effort, and then all will be well. As for me, I'm just happy that my husband knows what he's doing and actually enjoys it! He set up my laptop last fall, and I am very grateful for his help with tech stuff.

5. Try as I might, I just haven't gotten into the Olympic spirit as much this year. We normally stop life when the Olympics roll around so we can follow the stories, but this year we haven't watched nearly as much. I find it preferable to read the recaps in the next day's paper. I wonder if this is because I'm too tired to stay up and watch the coverage that doesn't begin until 8 pm...

6. Charis is probably on her way home right now from her first ever church camp experience, a weekend retreat for 2nd through 6th grades. My baby is growing up! I can't wait to hear all about her adventures.

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