February 07, 2010

7 on Sunday

1. We got lots o' snow over the weekend that resulted in a postponed stamp club meeting and AWANA quiz team. Shovels, snow gear, hot chocolate, and snow forts filled the day for the kids, who helped Ted clear the sidewalks, while I enjoyed a couple of quiet hours in my stamp room.

2. We're in a groove with our Wednesday night growth group. Ted and I take turns dropping off the older kids at AWANA, then going to the B's house for potluck dinner, fellowship, prayer/accountability time, and Bible discussion. Steve and Heather, one of the couples, have a daughter who is a senior who watches Kenna and Lucan as a ministry for us. It's been a huge blessing to be part of a couples' community again, and we've already seen our group grow to over a dozen people.

3. I've been waking early to work out with some borrowed DVDs from my friend and neighbor, Chris. It's been exhilarating to burn calories again! Now, someone needs to tell my waistline that we're not in couch potato mode anymore, because so far it doesn't seem to be getting the memo.

4. Lucan got his first haircut last weekend. He has a very cute, fuzzy, nearly bald head. I saved a lock of hair, and Charis decided she wanted one, too. So of course Kenna went and got a Ziplock bag and put her own lock of Lucan's hair in it. I'm sure Lucan would prefer to forget the whole experience.

5. We are over halfway through Sonlight's Core 2. I'll have to do a more thorough school update in a later post, but for now I'll say we are still enjoying all of the books, and the kids seem to be retaining quite a bit of historical information. We've reached the Renaissance/Reformation era in this second year of World History.

6. I used my bread machine to make pizza crust for the first time on Friday. Special thanks to my friend Erin for the idea and the recipe! It was a nice change to not have to do a double batch of dough by hand.

7. Ted and I rented a movie, the first in a LONG time, Amelia. I was a bit surprised at the PG rating...I don't think it's a movie that would be appropriate for my kids. It's decent, but I agree with the user review found in the link above. It did make me more curious about her life, so Ted and I did a bit more reading online. It's too bad the movie didn't do a better job of giving us a more holistic view of Amelia Earhart as a person.


Debi Joy said...

Kevin and I also rented Amelia. I agree with the PG rating. I think a movie that shows a women actively involved in an adultrous affair, (if only to show her passionately kissing a man who was NOT her husband)is NOT a PG movie! This was a PG-13 movie.

At any rate, I agree with you...it left a lot of desire to do further research! I also, ran to the computer to research her further after the movie ended.

ALSO: LOVE your cards. I'm dying for the big shot so I can start adding texture to my cards. Great job!

Lucan's hair cut was so cute. I'd love to see what he looks like now with his "buzz cut".

Beverly said...

Debi, did you see the pics I posted on FB of before and after the haircut?

Megan said...

Lucan did great with his haircut! Evan's first several haircuts (say, the entire second year of his life!) resulted in much screaming and writhing unless we parked him in the living room in front of a video. ;-) He has sensory issues about the hair falling on him as it's cut, so there were times one of us chased his head around with the clippers while the other simultaneously vacuumed him off. LOL