May 07, 2009

What a Ham!

In one of our hand-me-down boxes Kenna got a little leotard that she has just loved wearing and prancing around in. Charis has showed her some of the dance moves she has learned from her worship ballet class, and the two of them often dance together. However, it's very difficult to get Kenna on video these days, because she always wants to see herself. On this particular day, I was able to get some footage of her dancing, but once she realized I was holding the camera, she stopped to give me some cheesy smiles! It's too funny!

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Kevin and Ashley said...

I have to tell you... when we came by the other day to pick up the car, I was SO impressed. Your house was QUIET!!!!!!! Your children are so well behaved! AND Charis, Kenna and I became great friends! :) You have such a beautiful, Godly family!! What a blessing!