May 22, 2009

Quick House Update

Yesterday Ted talked with the investors who purchased our rental house, and they seemed quite willing to try to work with us. I think the fact that he is active duty with orders to move in July really helps! The agent has submitted our request to stay here until early July to Fannie Mae, and if those powers that be are agreeable, we're good to go.

If they think for some reason we need to move out sooner than 47 days from now, then Ted's boss said he would sign waivers so that Ted's orders could be changed, allowing us to PCS immediately.

So, either way, it looks like we'll be able to stay in this house until we leave for Ohio. All that's up in the air is just WHEN that will take place! With the Air Force providing packers and movers for us, there is NO WAY we'll be packing our stuff to store just so we can stay in Las Vegas a few more weeks! We might as well change the date the packers come and just go to Dayton early if it comes to that.

Hopefully we'll know in the next few days what our situation is so that we can make more concrete plans. If we have to move early, that probably would mean we would have to miss being a part of Commission in Idaho. So we're praying for that reason above all else that we can proceed with our original plans. Thanks to those of you who are praying with us!!


The Litwillers said...

Life is anything but boring.

Amos said...

How long will you be Dayton? My sister lives there so maybe my chances of still someday meeting you all could happen.