May 21, 2009


I have all kinds of fun blog posts planned...I need to catch up and write about our trip to Denver, post zoo pictures, etc. But that will have to wait a bit longer.

Right now we're still reeling from the news that our landlords have lost the house we're currently in. That makes us 0 for 3 in finding owners who can keep their rental properties! The good news is that we can shake the Las Vegas dust off our feet in 50 days...but we don't know yet if we're going to be able to stay here until then or if we'll have to scramble to get our stuff out of here and be in limbo between duty stations.

On Tuesday while I was napping a man stopped by to give us a paper and business card. (The fact that my children, despite CLEAR instructions to not answer the door while I was napping, opened the door anyway is subject matter for another blog post...) He told Charis to "Tell your mom and dad to call this number right away." We looked at the flyer, which didn't have our address on it, and wondered if it were some generic "Call us, we can help you!" thing similar to the myriad notices/ads we received when we were in our previous house. (Obviously that stint ended in foreclosure as well, but for months people were bugging us and telling us they could "help.")

Ted called Mary Ann, our landlord, that evening and left a voice mail. Yesterday we didn't get a call back from her, which was odd. She usually calls us bright and early whenever we need to discuss something. Nor did she email Ted at work, as she typically does when communication is needed. So this morning Ted tried checking his Hotmail account and found her reply. She is truly sorry about everything and only just found out herself that they were for sure losing the house.

Sigh. I do feel bad for Rey and Mary Ann, as they were planning to move back into this house after we moved this summer. Unfortunately, they've been hit hard by the economy, just like a lot of other people. They were paying an additional $800 per month on top of the rent they were charging us, and while they were able to do that for awhile, when Rey's work hours were cut and Mary Ann's real estate business slumped, they just couldn't keep up. Since this house is an "investment property," the bank isn't working with them at all.

The good news is that they are returning our rental deposit ($1500) to us immediately, so unlike with our previous situation we will at least get that back. In the meantime, we are praying that we can somehow remain here for the next 50 or so days until we PCS to Dayton. Not sure if that is possible...Ted is going to make some calls from work today if he gets a chance. I, in the meantime, will redouble my efforts to sort and organize STUFF in preparation for whenever we need to get out of here!


Bob and Claire said...

Oh Beverly! I am so sad to hear this! Vegas will certainly always be a memorable assignment! I don't think you will have such problems in good old Dayton, LOL. I really pray things work out and don't cause extra stress for you. Hmmm . . . at least you're not pregnant, and Ted's around, right?!

Debi Joy said...

Sad, but not a surprise. I would recommend putting your stuff into a POD (when they kick you out) and stay in an extended care hotel that has 2-3 bedroom suites. I think there is one on Rainbow and the 215. When it is time to go to Dayton, you can have your POD delivered to you at your new home. Good Luck.