May 16, 2009

It's All Egyptian to Me

Charis has taken on a new project--learning the alphabet in hieroglyphics. We studied ancient Egypt quite awhile ago, but she recently re-discovered an "Egyptian pack" I found for two bucks at Borders on the clearance rack. It included papyrus-looking paper, envelopes, postcards, and an introduction to hieorglyphics. It was the perfect companion to what we had learned in homeschool studies, and the kids had a lot of fun with it when I first gave it to them, but then it got buried in her craft room mess. (No surprise there for anyone who has ever been in my stamping office.)

I am pleased to say that Charis is now fluent in Egyptian symbols. If you're looking for someone to write your name in hieroglyphics, she's your gal!


Kevin and Ashley said...

that is SO cool!!!!!! i wish you were my teacher growing up!!

Beverly said...

The funny thing is that I really didn't teach her any of it...she just did it on her own because she was interested in learning it! I just read about Egypt through our Sonlight materials and bought the pack...the rest was a do-it-herself project!