May 03, 2009

Charis's New 'Do

Yesterday Charis and I had a "Girls' Day Out," which, with an infant at home, was actually more like a "Girls' Two Hours Out." But it was a fun time nonetheless. She had been asking me if she could get her hair cut short. I agreed that it needed to be cut, and if she wanted it short, then so be it! Her hair is so fine that it tends to look scraggly at the ends because they break off so easily, and though we both wanted her to be able to grow her hair long, it just isn't happening at this point in time. So off it went! She also wanted to get bangs. I was not so keen on this idea; however, I decided she was old enough to make some hair choices, and it does look really cute on her. The reason for my hesitation wasn't her looks but the fact that bangs need more maintenance! I think I'll be able to trim them when necessary, and I'll teach her to blow dry her bangs so that becomes her job. Since she has never had bangs before, the hair still wants to part in the middle, so we'll have to "train" her bangs to behave properly!

Anyway, Charis is thrilled with her new style, and most everyone else seems to like it too--neighbor-girl's comment "You look weird" notwithstanding!! (I told Charis that girl needs some social skills...those poor public school kids, LOL! And I'm totally kidding...this girl has other issues, and I think she just meant that Charis looked so different. But her word choice was unfortunate, and I'm just glad Charis didn't seem to be hurt by it.)


Darla said...


Your hair looks like mine, except my hair is longer now and so are my bangs. Your hair looks nice and I can't wait to see you in your photos. Bye Charis!" Love, Lily

p.s. Hi Beverly. Just wanted to help relieve any pressure. I think in the last 5 years, I've blow-dried Lily's bangs twice :o)

Debi Joy said...

Charis looks SO DARN CUTE with a bob. A perfect choice for fine hair. Blow drying the bangs daily will train them (I know from experience with Kate) and a big round brush to blow dry the ends under will always keep it looking awesome. This does require daily blowdrying though! With fine hair though, it will go fast.

As far as the neighbor girl (I know who that is)I would talk to her Mom about that!!! How rude. Charis is by far the most beautiful girl on the block! (and the sweetest and smartest and most polite!)The other girl needs to see that beauty comes from within and the way she acts makes her ugly. That really irks me what she said to poor Charis! Luckily though, Charis is smart enough to "roll it off her back"

Sarah said...

Cute, cute! Can't wait to see it for myself! I'm a big fan of the 'bob'! :)

Megan R. said...

Very nice! Let me know how the "bangs training" goes. Sela and I both have natural parts on the right, all the way up to our hairlines in front where we have swirly cowlicks, and our bangs always split there. I've never figured out a way to fix it.

Melissa said...

She looks so grown up! It's a very cute style on her.

ski said...

Very cute! It makes her look older.