May 24, 2009

Goodbye, "Alex"

Wednesday, May 6, we said goodbye to an old family friend. "Alex" the Saturn SC-2 had been with the family since March 1996, when Ted purchased him as a three-year-old young sports car, ready for some action after having been owned by a little old lady who drove him just 30,000 miles. The goal was to have Alex paid off by the time Ted pinned on Captain and to keep him for 10 years. Alex was indeed paid for before Ted promoted to Captain, and 13 years later, he was still serving our family as Ted's commuter car. Having hit almost 190,000 miles during his long and hardworking life, his time with us drew to a close when Baby Lucan joined our clan and forced us to upgrade to a large, comfortable Suburban. Deciding to keep the nameless but equally hardworking minivan, which is considerably newer and seats more of our family members, we found a good home for Alex. Kevin (pictured here with Ted and Kenna) and his wife Ashley now have the privilege of caring for Alex. Long may he be driven!


Bob and Claire said...

Okay, this is just too funny! We also had a car named Alex, a 1991 Mazda 626 "LX". That's the car Bob had when we met and married, and we had that car until something terrible happened to his engine when we were stationed at the Academy, back in 2000! We had just bought our new Honda Odyssey less than a month before Alex blew out on us, and a security policeman asked if he could have him and work on him. So hopefully he is again going strong somewhere out there. Ironically, neither of our minivans have names either, but I am referring to our new van as Max. Something that big definitely needs a name!

Kevin and Ashley said...

we are very blessed and fortunate to take care of alex. and we are very thankful to your family for giving us such a wonderful gift! :)

Anonymous said...

Beverly...only YOU would give your car a eulogy!! Funny stuff!