February 12, 2009

Some News...Sort of...

Well, we do know something! This morning Ted called to say he is NOT on the Leadership Board list, which means he was not selected for any of the 2-year Leadership positions that were posted. The fact that he made the list to begin with is a good thing, especially since he is currently in a boarded position at Creech AFB, meaning he did well twice for a competitive post.

So...the good news is that he is "free" (sort of) to pursue the teaching position at the Air Force Academy, which is what we really want anyway. However, there is still the matter of his career field possibly not wanting to release him, which is what we were running into at the beginning of this process. However, knowing that USAFA requested a special exception for him...and knowing that they have a fairly good success rate with such situations...plus the fact that Ted now knows that he did not get selected for a Leadership Board job (which would have trumped anything else)...we would like to think maybe this is a good thing!!

But really, as I told the kids on the way to PE...we know a little, but we really don't know anything!! Guess we'll have to wait a little bit more. Ted plans to do some calling today to check on the status of the USAFA job, so maybe I'll be able to post more news later.

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