February 04, 2009

10 Things I Hate About Pregnancy

Don't worry, I'll follow this up with a positive note about what I LOVE about pregnancy, but it's time for a little whine session!

In no particular order...

1. Swollen ankles.
2. Lower back pain.
3. Weird dreams.
4. Getting up one to three times at night to go potty.
5. Loss of a lap for other kids to sit on during story time.
6. Not being able to bend over without saying "Uuuufff!"
7. Having to spray-n-wash every single maternity shirt because without fail, some kind of food particle always seems to land on my belly during meals or meal preparation.
8. Getting kicked in the bladder. (Under the ribs is bad, too, but I'm carrying this one a lot lower, and so far he hasn't been reaching up too high.)
9. Physical exhaustion...especially when circumstances make it impossible to catch up on rest.
10. The mental, emotional, and spiritual stress that comes with the feelings of inadequacy at the thought of raising another child in a way that pleases and honors the Lord.


Amy Kilpatrick said...

Oh, girl, I remember all those too vividly! You gotta post a picture of you and your cute baby belly!

Megan R. said...

I'm carrying this one a lot lower, too, and never got out of breath or had the baby up under my ribs, but it didn't seem to prevent the heartburn (which only starts after 8 p.m. for reasons beyond me).

I've also learned that it's a bad idea to bend over if my bladder is full...

And, yes, we do need to see a picture of your baby belly!!

Bob and Claire said...

Yep, yep, yep--I'm right there with you. I have terrible pain in my pubic bone the last few weeks of pregnancy. I would say that's my worst symptom. But less than a week for me! Hang in there!!

Joy said...

I totally agree with all them! Ellie was my most difficult by far! BTW - you are an AMAZING mother and I tell people about you all the time!!

Debi Joy said...


You have no reason at all to feel inadequate about raising another child. God will provide you with the strength and the wisdom to raise 5 wonderful children. I have no doubt. If anyone can do it...it's you.