February 28, 2009

Kenna is 2!

Yesterday was Kenna's second birthday! I can hardly believe it's been two years since our 3 a.m. dash to the hospital, with Debi driving me to base while Ted was trying to catch a plane from Tampa to Vegas.

Kenna's birthday celebration was pretty low-key this year. We did a big one-year-old party last year, and who remembers their second birthday anyway?! Kenna did get a visit from Mrs. J, my friend Debi, who came over with a package for Kenna to open. And then, as a special way to celebrate, Mommy and Daddy left all the kids with my friend Cindey and went on a date night, ha!! We wanted to see a performance of Clue, produced by a local Christian high school. Having seen the movie, and really being the type to enjoy fun and corny mysteries (with lots of puns thrown in for good measure), we decided after reading the write-up in the paper about the performance that it would be a lot of fun for us. Since Cindey had given me some babysitting coupons as a Christmas present, and since she is typically busy with church activities on Saturday evenings and Sundays, last night was the only night we could get away to see the play.

So, anyway, no party yesterday, but we did take the kids to Peter Piper Pizza today. PPP is kind of like Chuck E. Cheese but without the rat, ha! It mostly has video games and games that spit out tickets...and unfortunately, only ONE ride! But Kenna had a blast walking around and pushing buttons, so we didn't spend all her tokens and ended up giving the older kids a few extra. Ted made the observation that the play area was really like a casino for kids...no alcohol or cigarette smoke, but the noise and lights were the same!! (Only someone who has lived in Las Vegas would make that observation, I think!) Kenna opened presents from her grandmas (forgot to take the one from Joel and Sarah--guess she'll open that one tonight!) and generally looked cute.

Yesterday Charis helped me make a brownie pie, which we will have with ice cream and candles this evening. I'll see if I can get a picture with ALL the kids this evening, but for now, here is a birthday montage!

Opening presents from Debi--cute clothes and an Elmo potty DVD (which Kenna LOVES and calls "Melmo").

Debi and Kenna

Birthday dress from Debi

Darling duck and book set from Grandma J!

Cute hat from Grandma K! (Not shown: Cute slippers as well!)

The ONE ride at Peter Piper Pizza!

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Megan said...

I love the hat!

Happy Birthday, Kenna!