February 26, 2009

35 Weeks and Counting!

I had an OB appointment this morning. All is well, though it doesn't seem that Baby's head is down yet. The doc said she's not too concerned, since he still has time and space to wiggle his way down there. I was rather relieved to hear that I haven't dilated a single bit, which was somewhat surprising considering the number of contractions I've had over the last couple of months! Still, it doesn't seem that we need to be concerned about me going into extremely early labor!

Our ultrasound is next Wednesday (to monitor Baby's kidney), and then I'll be back at the OB's on March 13. The doctor told me that if my cervix is favorable, they allow women to choose to be induced at 39 weeks. Since this is my 5th child, she is quite sure things would be "favorable," but I think I'll take a pass on an induction, thank you very much. The little bit of pitocin I got with Arden was enough to send me over the edge...I can't imagine choosing to be induced before my due date!! I do want to have this baby early...frankly, I'm tired of being pregnant! But I prefer to let nature take its course. God's timing is perfect!


Bob and Claire said...

Yeah, pass on the induction. My cervix has always been favorable, and in fact I was already 3 cm dilated with Grace (Jonathan too, my other induction), but that was definitely not a great experience--not that the contractions were harder or anything, but she was just not really ready to come out. SOOOO much nicer to spend as much of labor at home. I'm sure you'll still go early!!

Ski said...

I agree, pass on the induction if you can! It's not fun. I did have harder/more intense contractions with Meghan who was induced because she was 10 days late. Now I wish I had waited a bit longer.

The Litwillers said...

I hope the baby turns for your sake, although b/c you've had prior children naturally, you shouldn't have too much of a problem. C-sections are NOO fun!! If it's planned, however, it does make it less suspensful. We just drove to the hospital and had a baby right on schedule three times!!

Megan said...

Yes, pass on the induction!!

Gemma's arrival was really truly timed by God. She showed up at an even more opportune time than I could have requested had I been able to place my order. :-)