February 28, 2009

All About Kenna

Favorite colors: purple & pink (purple is by far the MOST favorite)

Favorite activities: coloring (we're working on keeping the marks on paper, but walls make a great medium, too), reading, watching movies ("boovies"), cuddling up with stuffed toys, sitting in boxes, climbing (playgrounds, slides, kitchen cabinets...), doing Starfall.com with Mommy or a sibling

Favorite people: Mommy & Daddy, "Char-ih," "Bo-bin," and "Ah-yeh." (Charis, Tobin, and Arden, for the uninitiated.)

Favorite foods: "boap-meah" (oatmeal), "roni" (macaroni), strawberries, spaghetti, cereal with milk, yogurt, grapes, Italian green beans, PBJs, cheese, crackers, anything on Mom or Dad's plate. Really, there's not much this child WON'T eat.

Favorite movies: Baby Einstein's Baby Beethoven, God Made Me, Elmo's Potty Time.

Favorite toys: A stroller with anything in it, Legos (bigger sized for little hands), puzzles, anything fuzzy and stuffed, anything she can steal from her big sister's room.

Playing with Arden.

Wearing Charis's shoes and carrying her "purse."

Woohoo! Mom let me watch a "boo-vie" this morning!

A few of her favorite things: The Dog Book from the library, Big Bear, and Charis!

Eating breakfast on her birthday. She's quite good with a spoon!

Dressed in Charis's robe


Bob and Claire said...

So cute! I love all the pictures! Happy birthday, Kenna!

Amy Kilpatrick said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KENNA!!! Aren't two year olds fun?!? I am not sure if I really mean that or I am being sarcastic. Mine is a handful, but I do love every minute of it!

Ski said...

She also loves to wear anybodies shoes but hers! Like the picture of her in Charis's shoes. Cute pictures, she's grown so much since Thanksgiving.