September 10, 2007

"Starting" the School Year

Last year our first day of home school was on Labor Day. This year, as we actually did school through the summer, there wasn't as much of a big deal to the start of the school year. However, Charis had been asking not so subtly whether the kids would again get the little paper cone treat holders I had made and hung on her and Tobin's doors last year, so I decided I had better make that an annual tradition! So, here it is--in our family, Labor Day may or may not be the first day of school, but it will at least be the official promotion dates for the kids!

This year Arden got his own door hanger full of treats, as he is "officially" in preschool. (How does one count preschool officially?! He's been learning since he was born!) Once again we weighed and measured the kids, and it was interesting to compare their stats to last year's. This will also be a Labor Day tradition, I guess! Here are the stats:

Charis: 37 pounds, 46 inches (a gain of 3 pounds and 2 inches from last year)
Tobin: 42 1/2 pounds, 44 inches (a gain of 5 1/2 pounds and 3 1/4 inches)
Arden: 44 pounds, 42 inches (a gain of NINE pounds and FOUR inches!!)

I'm a bit quirky in that I enjoy looking at patterns in numbers, and I found it interesting that their heights are all 2 inches apart. Also, Tobin and Arden's numbers are flipped if you don't count the 1/2 pound. Can you tell they have very different body types?!

Since we had been doing school consistently, I ended up just having the kids do some measuring activities that we had not had time for a couple of weeks ago. Charis and I made "Gallon Girl," a visual picture of how many cups, pints, and quarts are in a gallon. This was a Sonlight activity...I didn't make it up, but we had a lot of fun putting her together! I probably should have taken a picture of the poster when we finished, but if anyone is interested in making a Gallon Guy or Girl, email me or leave a comment and I'll give you more details!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and enjoying time together as a family. I think next year I will purposely have us on break the week before Labor Day so we can celebrate the first day of 3rd grade, 1st grade, and kindergarten in style!!


Amos said...

What a great picture of the fam! I love your ideas!

Ski said...

I made a gallon person with my newcomers group, a very good visual and hands on way of showing what parts make up a gallon.

Meghan's Stats (from school) are 40 pound and 44 inches tall. Close to Tobin. It's fun to have annual traditions like these. Enjoy them now and maybe you could even make a graph (or two) so the kids could chart their growth from year to year. A good math activity. ;)

Beverly said...

Great idea!! I love it...we'll have to get a graph together one of these days!

Megan said...

I have been waiting for the annual weigh-in. LOL

I'm going to be making an excel spreadsheet of the kids' height and weight in 6-month increments and then graph it. My mom had a growth chart on the back of the bathroom door for us kids, and there was room to write the date and height/weight for several years at the top. It's still hanging there, and I've had fun looking to see how Sela compares to my sister and me as we grew.