September 13, 2007

Down Day

This morning we ate bananas and headed out for a walk just before 8 a.m. I had gone running yesterday morning (I went 7 miles in an hour and 15 minutes!), and the weather was quite nice even though I didn't leave the house until 6:30. So, I figured we'd be safe to take a walk together. Ugh. The weather was totally different, VERY hot and even humid. We've had a lot of clouds lately, which is somewhat unusual for LV. Anyway, despite grumbling about who got to ride which "vehicle" (we only have one working bicycle right now and a little motorcycle/tricycle thing), we managed to make a loop around the neighborhood before coming inside to finish breakfast.

I whipped up a loaf of bread in our breadmaker for lunchtime sandwiches, which I had planned for us to eat at the park, but Kenna was a bit off schedule. So we ate lunch at home so she could get a catnap before we headed to the Dinosaur Park to meet some other home school families. The kids had a great time playing in the water and the sand as well as on the play equipment. I think we were there just over 2 hours, which does say something for the power of fun in groups--if we had been there on our own, I don't think we would have lasted through the heat! At least we moms had some shade under the pavilion. Kenna did great while we were at the park and only started fussing shortly before we left. She is finishing up her nap now while I have dinner in the oven, so it will work out well for me to feed her right before going to Bible study.

During our time at home we've enjoyed putting the smaller puzzles together to see which ones are missing pieces (a sneaky way for me to organize the puzzle basket!), and Arden has played games of Sorry with both Tobin and Charis. They've played quite well together, and I've tried to refrain from doing too many household chores! I did do one load of laundry, but it was kind of a have-to-do-today chore.

I'm not sure what's on our agenda for tomorrow, but it may include going to the orchard if the troops are up and moving as early as they were today!

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The Litwillers said...

Enjoy your hot weather. Our high tomorrow is supposed to be, I love Wisconsin!!