September 23, 2007

Coveting Prayers

Tomorrow is the foreclosure sale on our house. We are waiting--not particularly anxiously, but maybe a bit nervously--to hear who the buyer will be so we can find out whether we have to move next month or can continue renting. We have a little less than two years left on station here and would love to stay in this house if at all possible...

I don't know if we'll hear the results tomorrow or if it will take a few days to receive communication about it, but you can bet I'll post as soon as I learn anything. We're trusting God to reveal His glory no matter what the outcome.


Amos said...

God knows exactly what his children need and He will show himself even through this sale. I will be praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

Dad and I know what a blow yesterday's news was regarding your having to move in a matter of days due to the sale of the house you are renting. We pray for God to work in miraculous ways to find just the right house for you to move into and that it will not be far from where you are now living. God provides for and protects His own. He will do far above what we can ask or think! Keep trusting and praising Him!

We love you all so much,
Mom and Dad K.