September 15, 2007

AWANA Has Begun

The kids have attended two AWANA meetings so far this year. I can hardly believe we have three children old enough for the AWANA program! They love it, and I love that they enjoy it. They learn so many Bible verses plus have the opportunity to interact with other know how we home school families have to be careful to "socialize" our children. *smirk*

Charis is in 2nd grade Sparks, Tobin is a kindergarten Sparkie, and Arden is in his first year of Cubbies! He absolutely loves Cubbies. When I picked him up last Wednesday evening, he had to sing the whole Cubbies theme song to me before we left. It was adorable, and I decided that I must record him singing the song. We did so yesterday, and while the video did turn out adorable (of course), I have to say his spontaneous concert was much better. For one thing, Arden tends to perform and then immediately tries to see himself on the digital screen, just like he poses for a picture for about two seconds and then wants to see how it turned out. So he kept trying to walk behind the camera to watch himself, and his singing was a bit rushed. I asked him questions about the Cubbies motto and theme verse to try to keep him in view.

For those who don't know, here are the words to the song so you can get a better idea of what Arden is singing:

"We are AWANA Cubbies, we're happy all day long,
We know that Jesus loves us, that's why we sing this song.
We hop because we're happy, we jump and shout for JOY,
'Cuz Jesus is a friend to us, he loves each girl and boy."

So here it is, Arden singing the Cubbies theme song!


The Litwillers said...

That is adorable! It's so fun to hear the kids sing and see their excitement. Matthew just loves to sing the Tiny Trackers song, which includes howling and woofing. (The two main characters are detective dogs.) Ron Hamilton wrote the song, so you can't beat that!

Grandma K said...

Such a cutie pie I have as one of my grandsons!! I loved hearing his little voice and seeing those loving little eyes and face on the video!! God love him! He is so precious and such a joy (as are all my grandchildren!)
Grandma K