September 08, 2007

Foot Rattles

Wahoo! I have figured out how to upload videos! Blogger does now have a way to put video files on our blogs...however, I had some problems when I tried it last week. So, I have resorted to creating an account on YouTube. So, while I cannot be responsible for other things you may happen to see while viewing our videos on YouTube, at least this should make the grandparents happy!

Here's a short clip of Kenna playing with her foot rattles. If you've already read about Kenna's first veggie, you can scroll back down to the Squash Face post and click on the link to actually watch her eating the squash. Hopefully I'll be able to post video links every week. Here's to bridging the distance between us and our loved ones!

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Flogger said...

Love the videos! TFS!!!