September 28, 2007

Day 3 of the House Hunt

House #9--Already rented. We didn't know this until we met Adam AT the house and found it already furnished.

House #10--Decent house, terrible (and almost non-existent) backyard. Broken windows from being vacant for so long. Small bedrooms.

House #11--WHOA. Smokers definitely lived here. Adam couldn't even walk inside the house because he's allergic to smoke. We decided to at least look at it in case the owner could do something about the stench, but the master bedroom was extremely tiny, the kitchen was small, and the backyard was completely trashed.

House #12--I was done after seeing the laundry "room." As much laundry as we do, I need more than a closet. Honestly, the laundry closet in Ted's apartment in Tampa was bigger than this one. I literally do not even know how a washer and dryer could even FIT into this small space.

We went back to look at House #4, which is currently at the top of our list (OK, it's the only one even ON our list) to see if we got that this-is-the-one feeling, but though the kids were excitedly dancing around their favorite pick, I just wasn't sure. Ted could go either way.

Ever since my five-mile run Wednesday morning--my stress outlet, my therapy, my time to question God and tell Him my heart--I've been thinking of the words in Psalm 27. When I was an RA at college, the resident director, Miss Taylor, taught us various Scripture verse songs, and one of them included the first and last verses of Psalm 27. I've not heard the song in literally years, so the fact that it keeps playing in my mind makes me think I'd better listen...

"The Lord is my light and my salvation,
the Lord is my light and my salvation.
Whom shall I fear? Whom shall I fear?
Wait on the Lord, wait on the Lord.
Be of good courage and He'll strengthen thy heart.
Wait, I say, on the Lord..."

I feel the Lord is telling me to just wait.

OK. We're waiting!

Is that enough, Lord?! :-) I know He must smile at our impatience. Ted would be renting a truck tomorrow and hauling stuff over to a house if he could. But I appreciate his willingness to wait. So our current plan is to pack as much as possible this weekend and see what the situation is on Monday. We've received boxes and packing materials from a number of people and are hoping some people answer our call for help and come help us pack tomorrow--or at least help watch the kids so WE can pack tomorrow!

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