May 01, 2010

A Time for Writing

There may be a season for everything under heaven, but around here, if it's not written in my planner, it probably won't happen. Such has been the case with this year's Commission Bible study. I wrote the study for Day One probably two months ago--and never even had a moment to think about what should come next.

Finally I looked at my planner and saw that I had this weekend relatively open. I talked to Ted about scheduling a day for me to work completely uninterrupted on the study, and he agreed it was a good plan. So I marked my calendar and protected today from any other engagements. I asked our small group and the Commission folks to be praying for me in the days leading up to Writing Day and also during this whole day.

It was somewhat freeing and yet somehow nerve-wracking. By telling people I'd be working today, I relieved myself of the pressure to try to "find time" to write on other, more hectic days. At the same time, I was really putting myself out there--if everyone knew I was going to be writing, they'd expect me to actually produce some material! The accountability was good, but I had to be careful not to let the burden of accomplishment rest heavily on my shoulders.

Furthermore, there was the problem of not knowing exactly WHAT I was going to be writing. I had the intro day done, sure. But I hadn't even thought (much) about what needed to come next. I spent time this week praying and trying to map out a plan for what to do once the time came to open up the file and start typing.

An appealing idea was to take my laptop, Bible, and a few books to Panera and camp out for the day. But then my practical nature took over--what if I wanted a resource from home? And what would I do with all my stuff when I needed to use the restroom, for crying out loud?!

I decided the best thing would be to lock myself in my basement office. The trick was in convincing Kenna that I wasn't there! Otherwise she'd be crouching at the door, crying to be let in. I had to deliver a stamp club order anyway, so I left the house and told her goodbye. I called Ted as I was coming up our street, and by then he had all the kids in the play room in the basement, listening to worship videos while cleaning the random toys that were scattered hither and yon. I had already set up my work space, so I quietly let myself into the office...and began a 7-hour journey with the Lord!

What a precious time of prayer, searching the Scriptures, and listening to the Holy Spirit. I found myself yearning for more times like this. It's my dream to some day write and actually get paid for, God showed me that I actually COULD have time to write...IF He directs me to do so!

Ted was an amazing, wonderful help and encouragement. He dealt with all the normal household and kid duties, including tending two little ones who are sick with a fever and runny nose. (Well, Lucan apparently is on the tail end of whatever he came down with Thursday afternoon, but Kenna got hit hard this morning, showing signs of life only after some Tylenol has kicked in.) He made both lunch AND dinner and never came down to ask me any questions about what should be done. :-) I took a 45-minute break for lunch, which happened to be right after Ted put Kenna down for a nap, so the illusion of Mommy being away worked all the way until I emerged from the basement like a mole just in time to help put the finishing touches on dinner!

The upshot of all this is that I completed Days 2, 3, AND 4 of the study! I'm so thankful I was able to do it all in one shot, as these days really hinged upon one another, and the continuity and devoted prayer time really opened my heart and mind to what God wanted to accomplish. I pray He receives glory and honor as a result of today's efforts.

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