May 26, 2010

10 on Tuesday

I know, it's Wednesday, but I forgot to do this yesterday. :-)

1. With much encouragement from Charis, Tobin finally learned to ride his bike last weekend. I think he's wondering why it took him so long to try!

2. We're squishing the last 3 weeks of Sonlight Core 2 curriculum into 2 weeks. Two weeks of 4 days each, I might add. Crazy?! I think we're all ready to be finished, so it's working so far.

3. Woohoo! Four-day weekend to look forward to.

4. I put a big storage container on the deck and filled it with water for Kenna and Lucan to play with/in yesterday. Kenna stripped naked no less than 3 times before we finally located her swimsuit.

5. After dinner last night we went to the BX and purchased a plastic pool, plus super soaker water guns, and a wild-n-wacky-n-wiggly sprinkler. Today was "Water Wednesday," and much fun was had by all. (A good nap was had by Kenna and Lucan, too, after all that fun.)

6. Kenna has been stringing together more complex sentences, with her favorite conjunction currently being "so that." Sometimes this produces quite amusing cause and effect scenarios, such as what she prayed tonight. "Dear God, thank you for my family, so that I can have food."

7. My heart about burst yesterday when, in comparing the books about Marie Curie and a missionary, Arden informed me that he liked Catching Their Talk in a Box better than the current science book because it told about people who needed to hear about Jesus and were able to listen to the gospel message.

8. Sitting on the couch with one's spouse after dinner while watching the children is a GREAT and FREE form of entertainment. Charis, Tobin, and Arden provide an unrivaled show as they "clean up" the dining room and kitchen. And Kenna and Lucan are immensely entertaining, each in their own little world, running around and chattering to themselves. On this particular evening, Kenna was running laps with a hooded towel over her head, yelling, "SUPERMAN!" When we pointed out that she was, indeed, not a man, she didn't miss a beat. "SUPERKENNA!" she yelled, and took off again. Meanwhile, Lucan is toddling around muttering, presumably, about the best way to take over the world after we're all in bed.

9. Summer laundry. Love it.

10. Summer allergies. Hate 'em.


Debi said...

Oh how I miss you all. Thanks for sharing all the fun things going on in your world. (hugs)

As For Me and My House said...

fun blog entry!