May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

I had a brilliant plan on Mother's Day for posting notes from Barb Cash's seminar at the homeschool convention...the topic would have been very appropriate. But alas, the day slipped away in a blur that unfortunately included neither a nap nor time for blogging (but thankfully other good things!). I'm thankful I was able to attend church, since I had missed the previous week, and I was so blessed by the service.

We had a late lunch since Ted did music for both services, so by the time we got that cleaned up, I was having a hard time deciding whether to nap because I was tired or exercise because I was wired--having had some migraine medicine to ward off an impending migraine, the caffeine ended up winning. Ted and I enjoyed (maybe endured is a better word) a P90X Core Synergistic session, and then we worked in the kitchen making a delicious Cobb salad and mango smoothies for our evening meal.

Anyway, I thought I'd post some pictures of my Mother's Day goodies. Charis labored long and hard creating a special box of treats for my special day, which made me feel SOOOO loved! I KNOW how much time she put into these little crafts, and they are so special! I got a few hugs and "Happy Mother's Day" mentions from the boys; I suppose in a decade or two they'll be forgetting to call home, so I might as well enjoy what I get, right?!

The flowers...

The Box (Charis raided my old picture drawer for pics to use on these projects, so the pictures are dated!)

Inside the box

Rabbit mosaic--a project kit she bought at the AWANA store.

Origami bracelet and ring (sized rather big, but cute nonetheless!)

The next 3 pictures show an explosion box similar to one I created for our next local Stamp Camp. Charis loved the idea and totally figured out how to do it on her own. This is the outside, and inside each flap has a picture, with an acrostic in the center.

I especially love the hand-drawn picture of Lucan, since there weren't any pictures of him in my old picture file!

Cute acrostic poem inside

This is a pin. I left it in the cute little box because part of the "hair" needs to be glued back on!

"Mom" garland

Booklet (found on a kids' craft web site)

Foldout card with various pictures drawn on it to represent a word for each letter of "Mother."

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Debi said...

Charis is so amazing. These special gifts will be treasured always! Tell her how talented Mrs. Joy thinks she is.