May 16, 2010

Wrapping Up

Things are starting to wind down. Last week we went to the last PEACH homeschool meeting, which was the "Showcase of Shining Stars." Charis had the opportunity to perform two piano pieces and did very well. (If you're a FB friend, you can see the link to her video on my profile!) Then Wednesday night we attended the AWANA awards night. Charis received her Excellence Award, and Tobin received his Sparky Award. Arden is on track to get his next year.

I suppose other folks are winding down the school year...we have 4 weeks of Core 2 left, and I must admit I'm ready for summer NOW! It kind of feels like cheating to just skim through the last few weeks, but this seems like it has been the looooongest school year ever, probably because we didn't start until nearly September with moving last summer. I keep telling myself there is no rush...I'm not planning to start Core 3 until (probably) we get back from our Williamsburg trip in September. I'm looking forward to our various summer activities so much, though, that it's hard to decide to keep plugging away with our current schedule!


The Litwillers said...

Congrats to all of them! That's neat! We're don't have AWANA at our chuch, so it's neat to see the new Excellence Award. And did you know my brother is the graphic designer behind the new Sparky? He'll be re-illustrating the first book b/c to match with how he changed the second two.

Bob and Claire said...

When will you be in Williamsburg?

Natalie said...

Where is Tobin's Climber patch????

Beverly said...

Penni: Very cool!
Claire: Homeschool days are in September!
Natalie: Tobin got gypped a little in that the church we're at now made a transition, and the 2nd grade book wasn't ready this year. So they had to do the first 2 books in the new style. If we had stayed in LV, he would have finished with the old books.