March 18, 2010

Whirlwind Wednesday

Oh, my, this week is flying by! That's a good thing, I guess...I'm looking forward to having my husband home tomorrow night and getting through a big Stamp Camp on Saturday. Then I can maybe breathe and have a few moments to myself...?!

Yesterday, St. Patrick's Day...

* Amazingly, the kids actually slept in. I woke early and worked out, showered, and had my quiet time before I heard a peep from Lucan. RARE and most appreciated. Thanks, Lord!

* Made scrambled eggs with green dye in them for breakfast. Read Green Eggs & Ham aloud while the kids ate. (We had no ham, but the eggs were sufficient to get us started on our Day o' Green-ness.)

* Did school and laundry in the morning.

* Made Butter Mint cookies from a link from Megan's blog. (Thanks, Megan!) The girls really liked dipping the glass into the green sugar and smashing the cookie dough down. Kenna's cookies looked a little...odd, LOL. No matter. They tasted good, I'm sure. (I was good and only ate one cookie.)

* Watched Veggie Tales "Sumo of the Opera," which features three stories of perseverance, one of which tells the real story of St. Patrick.

* Ate and played outside in the wonderful weather. (Charis brought me a flower that is one of many popping through the mulch in our yard--lovely! Can you see it tucked behind my ear?)

* Got the little ones down for a late nap, finished school, sent the older kids to play for a bit while I made an early dinner and prepped a veggie tray to take to small group.

* Hustled the kids through their dinner and out the door by 5:15.

* Dropped Kenna and Lucan off at Amy D's house.

* Took older kids to AWANA.

* Ran to Office Depot to grab supplies for Saturday's stamp camp.

* Went to small group.

* Hustled back to church to pick up Charis, Tobin, and Arden.

* Picked up Kenna and Lucan.

* Herded kids to bed.

* Collapsed in bed myself at 9:40.

Whew! Perseverance, indeed. I'm still behind on so many things, but so thankful for my sweet kids who have been a huge help and an even bigger blessing to me these busy, crazy days with Ted TDY. I love them so much, and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Well, maybe a few hours of interrupted sleep. :-)


Megan said...

We made the cookies, too! I think I needed more flour, because the dough was sticky and hard to press flat. They were yummy, though, and we gave away all the extras to friends, so I didn't gorge myself too badly. LOL

Lisa said...

I just awarded you with the Beautiful Blogger Award! Check out to get your award :-)