March 04, 2010

Thirteen on Thursday

1. Today began at 3:39 a.m. when I woke up in a coughing fit and couldn't get back to sleep. It's Day 7 of the Sinus Infection, and I have officially given the eviction notice. It is not welcome here.

And speaking of unwelcome items...

2. So I'm in the basement bathroom at 4:30 this morning, um, doing my business, when a little brown mouse (whom I am sure would be very cute in a Disney movie) ran from...somewhere outside the bathroom (either the playroom or office), across the bathroom floor, and into the storage area. Being rather incapacitated at the moment, I did the only reasonable thing to do. My instinctive scream didn't do a thing, however. It's nice to know my Hero is such a sound sleeper.

3. A stop at Lowe's is on the Honey-do list today.

4. We received word that BOTH of our moms will be able to fly to Ohio in April to do Grandma duty while Ted and I escape, er, attend the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention. (Although...I suppose this may be subject to change based on whether or not our moms read #2.)

5. Ted and I are both super excited about our upcoming getaway, not only for time together without the kids, but also since our favorite comedian, Tim Hawkins, is going to perform during the 2 1/2 day event.

6. Also heard from our Vegas friends Blair and Heather that they may be able to attend the Convention with us!! We are ridiculously excited about the possibility of seeing them again and enjoying sweet fellowship. And yes, this is the Blair and Heather of the famous Catan photo, which is certainly worthy of re-posting.

7. One of my hostesses has requested a stamp class event for her moms' group. We are making 3 projects, one of which is this fab frame, which she found at Deals for $3. The Eastern Blooms set really works well here, don't you think? There's space in the bottom corner for a coordinating Decor Element flower to go on the glass...still need to order those.

8. Our sweet Kenna received a birthday package from my friend Debi, who holds a special fondness for our 4th child, having been present at her birth. Isn't this the sweetest dress? And didn't Charis do a good job taking the photo?

9. The sun is shining this morning!!! Oh, Lord, please let it be spring soon!!

10. We checked out Season One of The Muppet Show on DVD from the base library last Friday. Boy, does that bring back childhood memories...

11. Charis is now on a Muppets frenzy, wanting to find every movie ever made with these characters. I think I've created a monster.

12. Thursdays are "Laundry Day" at our house, even though I typically do at least 2 full loads other days of the week. At last count, there were 56 socks on Laundry Day. Eight of those had no mate.

13. Todrick Hall, who wrote the Oz musical Charis performed in last December, is currently in the Top 20 of American Idol. The judges weren't too impressed with him Tuesday night, though, so we'll see how long he lasts. He's a very talented young man and great with kids, though.


Lisa @ fulfilling my purpose said...

I looooove Tim Hawkins. Hilarious. When he came to our church several years ago, I laughed so hard, I think I cracked a rib. I was in pain for about three weeks! But it was so worth it!

I love his Chic-fil-a song and the piece about eating bad food and asking God to bless it. :-)

Heather said...

Keep praying.

the Pools said...

so my question is, what do you do with those mateless socks?

Grandma J said...

As far as (2) is concerned, I don't mind sharing a home with mice; snakes, however, are not welcome in my house or yours (I hope)! Your story reminds me of sitting in various restrooms in Indonesia while a variety of creatures crawled and/or slithered under the door to join me! And I screamed every time - must be a reflex reaction - HA!
Therefore, I'm still in.
Love you all,
Mom J