March 24, 2010

Monday Mouse-a-Rama

In the last episode of Mouse Watch, you learned that I had opted for the "Easy Kill" mouse traps as the means of getting rid of our unwanted house guest. Unfortunately, after setting them in the pantry, we saw neither hide nor hair of Mr. Mouse...that is, until Ted came home from his TDY and saw it scurrying away from the pantry early Sunday morning. Ted had the brilliant idea of moving the traps out and placing them by the refrigerator and the stove, the two places the mouse always scurried after leaving the pantry.

I was so confident this ingenious plan would work that I was flabbergasted the next morning when both traps still read "set." Huh. All right, then. That was it--glue traps it was! We had an appointment with the chiropractor Monday morning to get all our kids evaluated--they're starting adjustments, too. Afterward we ran some errands that included a stop at Lowe's for the traps. We planned to put them out at night after the kids were in bed. (As an aside--Ted was with us because he had the day off for his 34th birthday!)

So we return home after a yummy lunch at Chick-Fil-A. The traps were still where we had placed them the night before, since we had left the house in a rush to get to our appointment. I noticed that the one by the stove read "Not set." Grrr. That had happened once before when we had it in the pantry. I picked up the trap and went to swing the lever around to reset it, but it wouldn't move. It didn't dawn on me at first what the deal was...until I looked more carefully and saw FUR through the little indicator holes!! Eeeek!

Sure enough, we caught our mouse! Thank goodness for being in a hurry in the morning and leaving the trap by the stove! We have the glue traps in case there are any future rodents that need dealing with, but for now I'm just thankful that we're rid of the pest and I did NOT have to see a full-out mouse corpse!

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taylordi said...

Glad you caught the mouse. I remember when I was about 5 or 6 years old and I caught a mouse at a neighbors house and carried it home by the tail. We put it in a cage but it refused to eat so I let it go in the same place I found it. In the condo I had mice and they called an exterminater. How our perspective changes as we age.