March 13, 2010

A Day in our Homeschooling Life

[Note: This particular "Day in the Life" happened on Thursday, March 11, 2010.]

It's 8 a.m., time to get going for the day. Arden and Charis are still sound asleep...

Tobin, however, has been awake for awhile and is coloring in one of his "hidey-holes," the boys' closet.

Lucan, who always wakes at the crack of dawn or earlier, often does Crib Time while I eat my own breakfast, clean the kitchen, or whatever I need to do without him crawling around. He's pretty happy when I go to get him today!

We start our morning by watching a worship video.

At the breakfast table, we do our Bible reading (Joshua 9 today), review Bible verses, talk about our day, etc.

With breakfast cleaned up, it's time for our morning activities--checklists and "Funvelopes." (I still need to blog about those sometime, don't I?!)

Arden is finishing Explode the Code book 2 today!

Tobin works on his Sonlight science activity sheet.

Charis opts to type her writing assignment today, a paragraph about an animal with descriptive details. She chose to write about CeCe, a neighborhood cat.

Kenna notes that it is raining outside and decides she still wants to be her pajamas...and thinks it will be OK with me since she has her rain coat on.

After checklists are finished and all kids have had their "appointment" with Mom, I fix lunch for kids 1-4 (Lucan is napping by now) and read our history and science assignments aloud while they eat. Since we have P.E. in the afternoon, it's easier to get the reading done while they eat rather than try to do it after we come home. (I totally meant to have Charis take a picture of me reading at the table but forgot.) So, when we are finished with this and the table is clear, school is "over" and it's time for me to have my lunch. Today: grilled cheese and leftover Tomato-Ravioli soup from my friend Lisa's blog. (You can see the recipe by scrolling down just a few pictures.)

Lunch for me is normally when I have a few moments of peace to eat and read the paper or work on the crossword, which I typically start during my breakfast. Today, however, I haven't had much peace with Lucan waking at 5 a.m.! And he woke early from his nap, so he joins me for lunch today and also eats a grilled cheese sandwich.

Our late lunch is finished, and now it's time to load everyone up to go to homeschool P.E. Kenna's latest accomplishment is learning how to buckle all by herself. This is GREAT! Still need to check for twisted straps, LOL, but it is very much a timesaver.

Since it is SUCH a long way to the rec center (about 15 minutes, LOL), the kids always scramble to grab a book to read on the way. Did I say we were "done" with school for the day?! How cool is it that Arden chose a historical book to read on his own?!

I took the camera to P.E. with me but got caught up in visiting with the moms and trying to keep Lucan from melting down and Kenna from crawling up the walls and...yes...forgot to take any P.E. pictures. But soon after we got home we were treated to our second Happy Box of the season. Man, I missed those boxes in January and February! This is what all we got this week. YUMMY!

And let's not forget that Thursdays are also Laundry Days at our house. Only 3 loads of laundry today since I had done two loads on Tuesday.

A different ending to my Thursday...the ladies from our neighborhood Bible study came over after the kids were in bed for our not-so-weekly study. We try to meet on Mondays, but we've been having other events pop up for various people, so we decided to try for tonight. We're reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan and discussing a chapter when we meet. It's good so far! Love my time of fellowship and prayer with these sisters in Christ. Beside me are Eilene, Sidra, and Chris. I'm so thankful for each of them!


Lisa said...

I love seeing your "everyday normal stuff" pics! It makes me feel like I live much closer :-)

Thanks for the link to my blog. So glad you like the soup :-)

I'm also reading Crazy Love right now. Wonderful book.

Hugs to you,

Debi said...

Beverly, great job on this "day in the life" I cherish the fact that you keep in touch through your blog, face book and our occasional phone talks. It helps with living so far away from each other now.

I've been wanting to share PROJECT LIFE with you and I see that your friend Lisa does it. I'm holding off this year as I'm working on other projects but I'm planning on staring PROJECT LIFE on Jan 1 2011. Remember Becky Higgins and her book we used at the scrap retreat (layouts) PROJECT LIFE is her baby. See her blog at for info on it or ask Lisa. It's a great alternative to traditional scrapping. There is even a digital version of it.

I'll give you a call once Kate leaves to catch up. Miss you!!!

(also glad to see you have some new Sisters to fellowship with!..they look great)

Megan said...

That was a fun read! And way to go, Kenna, with her car seat! Sela was the same way starting around age 3, and it was sooooo helpful to only have to tighten her harness for her after she did the rest. She quickly got so she could unbuckle herself, too.

Evan, on the other hand, is almost 4 and still incapable of even putting his arms through his harness straps without help. *sigh* So I am still running from one side of the car to the other to buckle up him and Gemma.

the Pools said...

What a great blog was so much fun seeing you all doing everyday, ordinary things. The kids are so cute! I envy your "normal" life! (ok, stop chuckling now!) What I mean is that if I could ever even have something resembling a schedule around here I would be so happy! (not for lack of trying mind you...) Ryan works 3 shifts with wierd days off meaning...I never know when his days off are gonna be until the week before and lots of times they are split (like here is this week's schedule: Sunday-off, Monday-8-4, Tuesday-off, Wednesday thru Saturday-1 Pm -1 AM) and it only gets worse!!! That is probably my BIGGEST struggle now (and for the past 3 years) is trying to maintain order when there is NO schedule!!! Laundry day--ha!, Grocery shopping day-ha!, menu plan-ha! (we eat a big meal at whatever time dad will be here which could be breakfast, brunch, lunch, scrunch or dinner!) OK, sorry for the venting...I keep telling myself, God is giving me lots of opportunities to trust Him for the day to day, hour to hour...He has a plan (He just hasn't filled me in!) Anyway, so what I envy is the preconceived notion of ORDER! (Plus Ted told me one time one of your spiritual gifts is administration so if you have any thoughts on how to order my life I would LOVE to hear them! :)

Melissa said...

I always enjoy reading about your homeschool days.