March 31, 2010

How Time Flies

On Saturday our little Lucan turned ONE! I can hardly believe it's been a year since his traumatic delivery. He is such a happy, healthy little guy, and I can't imagine our family without him. He had his one-year check-up on Monday. He is only 19 pounds, 8 ounces, and 28 1/4 inches long. I'd have to look up the definite stats in the boys' baby books, but I know that at a year they were well over 20 pounds already. Charis, on the other hand, was a mere 18 pounds at her one-year check-up.

I do know that Lucan's appetite was greatly diminished the week before his birthday, and for good reason--it looks like his top two teeth are ready to pop through any moment. He was crabby, drooly, snotty, and all that other fun stuff. But he seems to be through the worst of it, and his appetite has definitely returned. You should have seen him stuffing his mac 'n cheese into his mouth at lunch time!

Lucan isn't walking unaided just yet, but he is on the verge of a major breakthrough in this skill arena. He has recently realized that he can stand without help, and he is SO steady it's a wonder he hasn't just taken off yet. I'm sure it will be any day now! He loves having his own cheering squad that breaks into praise every time a sibling notices he is standing on his own or even, like last night, taking a couple of steps without realizing it.

Some favorites:

Food--bananas, grapes, raisins, pears, sweet potatoes, mac 'n cheese, Cheerios, spaghetti, PBJs. He does NOT like cheese and wasn't too excited about his first hot dog.

Objects--anything with a cord, especially Mommy's computer mouse. Socks. (He likes to chew on his own.) Stuffed animals. Chairs. (He likes to push them around the tile floor in the kitchen, as they help him walk.)

Toys--his walker, any one of multiple toy phones we have (he especially likes my old cell phone), baby keys (the ones that make noise when you push buttons, of course).

Activities--playing airplane, being tickled and chased, banging objects, grabbing anything he can reach off the table.

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taylordi said...

Right after reading this post I switched over to Sarah's blog, for a second I wasn't sure it switched as she has a picture of Anders, who is also eating. Cute!