March 12, 2010

Four on Friday

1. No mouse sightings to report--here's hoping the electronic thingies plugged into the wall are working. Either the mice are moving out, or I will. What an annoying buzz. But much better than seeing beady little eyes and a furry body scampering across the bathroom. *shiver*

2. Earlier this week Kenna took advantage of the spring weather to do her business outside. Folks, this is why we do not have a dog! (And yes, it was #2. Thank goodness it rained the latter part of this week.)

3. Charis, Tobin, and Arden had dental exams on Wednesday. The dentist raved about their wonderful behavior and clean teeth. Charis will need braces sometime in the future--no surprise there with such a tiny jaw! But otherwise, all looks good. Kenna and Lucan get their turn in April.

4. Crib Time has been a lifesaver around here. Formerly known as "playpen time," we put Lucan in his crib with various toys and shut the door to let him learn to play on his own. He plays quite happily for up to an hour some days, allowing me to eat breakfast, fix lunch, work on school with the kids, or, on some days, shower. I'm not sure why moving him to the crib for this confined playtime did the trick, but all I know is he HATED playpen time with a passion, and I was beginning to despair of getting anything done during his waking hours, especially since he has mastered the art of going UP the stairs but not DOWN.

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Debi said...

O.K. It's official. #2 of your "4 on Friday" has got to be the poop story to beat all poop stories!! The fact that you put it as #2 was the best part. LOL!