September 20, 2009

Baby Dedication

This morning was Family Day at FairCreek Church. Lucan was the only baby dedicated during the 10:45 service, quite different from Canyon Ridge, who had, I believe, 45 babies to dedicate during their Baby Dedication weekend recently! It was really special to be part of the service today. It dawned on us that all of our boys have been dedicated at FairCreek Church! As part of the preparation for the service, Ted and I attended a two-week class that included as part of the activities an assignment to write Lucan a letter explaining what we were doing--publicly committing before God and our church family to pray for him and teach Him about God and His love for him. We will give the letter to him after he invites Jesus to be his Savior. This must be a newer idea since we dedicated Tobin and Arden, as this was the first time we had written a letter to a child for a dedication service, but I really like the idea and wish we had been able to do it for all of them! At any rate, Lucan was good on stage and charmed the body of believers, then got so fussy in the nursery that they had to page me to come calm him down. The stress of being on stage must have gotten to him. :-)

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My name is Debi said...

What a precious moment! I'd love to see a copy of the letter. Knowing you it is wonderful. Something I'm sure that Lucan will cherish someday.