September 14, 2009

Arden's Birthday Present (and a good one for daddy too!)

Hey all, this is Ted.

I am not a blogger, but I wanted to post this pic for mom and everybody not on Facebook.

I took Arden to go see the Broncos play in Cincinnati for an early birthday present and we both had a fantastic time. It should be a good memory for both of us to cherish for quite a while...I told all the disgruntled Bengals fans at work that the flukey last play was probably God's birthday gift to Arden - he stayed to the end and got to see a win!


Ski said...

What a great day for both of you!

Tina Miles said...

What an amazing game to go to! We're fans of Brandon Stokely here b/c he's a former Colt and a classy guy. It was great to see him do well.