September 07, 2009

Labor Day Weekend--Continued

Saturday morning I went for an 8-mile run with two new friends, one of whom is also a homeschooling mother of 5 girls under 7 years old! And, wonder of wonders, she is also using Sonlight and Math-U-See curricula! God is good. :-) Both ladies are believers, and we had a wonderful time of fellowship. The 8 miles positively flew by. They continued on another 4, as they are training for the AF 1/2 marathon on the 19th.

After resting and recovering a bit, I and the family went to Ted's boss's house for a college football kickoff party. Lots of food and fun! I brought a couple of little projects to help keep the kids entertained, and I think they went over pretty well. I'd love to say I got some of the moms hooked on stamping, but no one took the bait, LOL. I enjoyed meeting some wonderful new people, and the kids had a blast as did Ted. I got a good nap in the late afternoon, which I desperately needed after sporadic sleep...Lucan is probably ready to start on cereal, but we've been a bit lazy and haven't tried it yet.

Sunday morning we were at church for 2 services, since the two-part baby dedication class started yesterday. I spent some time stamping in the afternoon, playing around and trying to get ready for a 5-minute "Workshop Wow" presentation that I'll be giving at the Stampin' Up! Regional Seminar this coming Saturday. I quit working on that after awhile to finish preparing for our guests Andy, Susie, and their 3 sweet girls who came over for dinner in the evening. We had a great time chatting and watching/herding kids around. They are a fun couple, and the kids seem to get along well together also. We look forward to more times of fellowship with them.

Today we "slept in" until Lucan woke us at 6:00. I'm still in my was raining and with lightning earlier, so no run yet, but maybe before lunch?! I've already spent an hour and a half in my stamp room working on my projects, and it's slow going. The creative process is long and drawn-out for me! Once I have my idea, I can whip out an assembly line in no time, but this creativity thing is just not my forte! Still, I'm having a blast and trying some products I really haven't played with a whole lot before now, so it's all good.

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