September 10, 2009


Over 5 months old now, Lucan has definitely been showing signs that he was ready for solid food, i.e. waking at night again, wanting to nurse more frequently, and being generally discontent when he is normally a happy baby. So we took the plunge a few nights ago, giving him about two tablespoons mixed with breastmilk at dinnertime. He loved it! I'll have to see if the pictures we took are any good and maybe post later. The past two mornings I've given him cereal since he hasn't been too keen on nursing at 8 a.m. (He nurses just fine at 12:30 and 4:30 a.m., though, sigh.) Today he absolutely screamed when I finished his initial batch (about 3 tablespoons), so I mixed more for him. He downed another 3 tablespoons and probably would have eaten more had I not distracted him by removing him from his seat! I think cereal is here to stay. He's definitely physically ready--no tongue thrusting at all. In fact, you'd think he'd been eating from a spoon for weeks now! Maybe he's been practicing on his own at night, LOL.

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