April 25, 2009


So Ted got an assignment rip yesterday!! Woohoo!! This is an answer to prayer. We had found out on Monday that Major H, whom Ted had worked for at Nellis, had specifically requested Ted to be his D.O. at Wright-Patterson. This was news to us, and gave us something to think about...what would it be like to return to Ohio, where we spent 2001-2004?!

Well, now we get to find out!! We are indeed going back to Dayton. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with friends, going back to our church there, and taking the kids to Young's Jersey Dairy. :-)

We plan to leave Las Vegas July 10 or 11. ACK! That gives me just a little over 2 months to organize all this STUFF. Five kids and four years of homeschooling under our belts makes for a lot more STUFF than we brought with us to Las Vegas.

Ohio, here we come!!


Bob and Claire said...

Wonderful news!!!! I am so excited for you! I know how nice it is just to KNOW also, LOL. We will definitely plan on seeing you more now! How fun! I think our kids will enjoy each other, and I know I'll enjoy visiting with you! We'll miss you this summer, because it looks like we'll be there the end of June, but we'll be back out again, I'm sure! : )

Tina Miles said...

Yea! Glad you finally know, and glad you get to go back to a familiar area!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you finally know. We will miss you! Don't forget you have added a foosball table also! LOL!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you're know where you're going. I really should try to see you sometime now that you'll be in Ohio. We travel through going to Cliff's parents down south, plus that's not too far away. I'd love to visit Young's!! :)


Debi Joy said...

FINALLY! This is good news. So glad you will be returning to an area where you already have a church and friends. We will miss you here in Vegas terribly though.
boo hoo!!!