April 22, 2009

Hooray for Grandma!

Ode to Grandma K

She washed the dishes, folded clothes,
Changed a diaper, wiped a nose.

She soothed the baby, rocked a tot,
Fixed us lunch, scrubbed a pot.

She kissed an owie, mended shirts,
Read some stories, nursed some hurts.

She shared her wisdom and her tea,
She shared her time and love so free.

Mom to two, Grandma to more,
We love to see her come through our door!!

We had a great visit with my mom, who was here for two weeks! I'm amazed she still had energy to shuffle through the airport after all she did for us! Not having orders from the Air Force yet, we're not sure when or where we will see her next, so we'll have to enjoy these memories for awhile!


Janet said...

Great poem. Your mom is the sweetest. Nice pictures.

Kevin and Ashley said...

aww beverly, i really enjoyed meeting your mom. she is a super sweet lady! i'm glad she had a good visit!

Debi Joy said...

Irene is a keeper! You are so lucky to have your Mom.