April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tobin!

So...I'm a little behind on posting about recent events. Last Saturday we had Tobin's 7th birthday party (2 days before his actual birthday on the 13th) at a nearby park. Thank the Lord Ted ran some errands in the morning and discovered that local radio stations were hosting a ginormous community Easter event at the park we had planned to use, so we were able to contact almost everyone and let them know of a last-minute location change. It was a cold and blustery day, believe it or not...very odd for Las Vegas this time of year. (Must be all that global warming.) However, the two hours we were at the park, the rain actually stopped, and it was nice enough that the kids were able to run around and enjoy the outdoor activities. We had themed this party "Outdoor Fun," and I had bought waterguns for all the kids, plus a kite and container of bubbles for each family. (The kites were the cheap, $1 variety from Walmart, but they worked pretty well!) We had some other outdoor toys, too, so there was lots to keep the kids busy.

Since I had spent money on toys, I decided to scale back on the cake. Often we purchase a birthday cake from Sam's Club or Walmart, but this year we made a simple 9x13 pan of yellow cake with chocolate frosting, plus a batch of rainbow confetti cupcakes. I took an idea from recent homeschool co-op parties and decided to let the kids decorate their own cupcakes--so I packed my supply of sprinkles plus some cans of frosting and let them have at it! Really, it was a plot to spend the least amount of time prepping as possible, LOL! (Notice I also avoided having the party at our house, so no clean-up before OR after!!) Everyone had a great time, and Lucan got lots of cuddles as he was passed around.

If you'd like to see more photos, you can view our album on Facebook.

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Tina Miles said...

So glad you had good weather for the two hours of the party! It looked like a fun time. Simple is VERY good! :) (Especially when you have a newborn!!!!)