April 29, 2009

Buying a western BMW

The title is tongue-in-cheek...it stands for "Big Mormon Wagon," which is what our Mormon friends called SUVs! Yup, we have to do it. The minivan is no longer cutting it with our family of seven. However, since the Town & Country is completely paid for, we have decided to keep it as well and instead say goodbye to Ted's faithful little Saturn, who has served us since 1996! At almost 200,000 miles, "Alex" is still ticking! But we don't want to take him on another cross-country move. We plan to give him to a young married couple who have only one car.

So yesterday afternoon we went to Car Max. Ted had finished another midnight to 8 a.m. shift, came home, and took a nap while I took the kids to Cindey's house. When he woke, we went home to get him and then headed to Henderson. For such a huge lot, they didn't have many vehicles of the size we need. LOTS of minivans, but they just won't do! However, we did find a white 2006 Suburban that seats nine people. It has 60K miles and looks great. We stopped at the Las Vegas Car Max on the way home and did some checking online, and it seems that finding a 9-seater is harder than it would appear. Most we looked at online seated 7 or 8. So we have decided to put things in motion to buy the 9-seater from Henderson. Ted's going to make some calls today!!


The Litwillers said...

Wow. You'd think big vehicles would be more available since people are getting rid of them b/c of the gas costs. There are tons for sale around here, anyway.

Janet said...

Honestly Beverly I love my Suburban and I think you will too. I'm staying with her as long as she'll have me :-) Mine is a 2001 and I sit 8 in all. Where is your nineth seat? The trunk, or on top (just kidden).

Beverly said...

Janet, the 9th seat is in the front. The console flips up with the rest of the bench seat under it. Not ideal for long periods of driving, but if we need it, we have it!