April 15, 2009

General Update

Back to reality...almost, anyway. My mom's still here, so that is helping ease our transition to "normal" routine! On Monday we started a relaxed school schedule again, which I am hoping (praying) will help with some behavior issues. It's been very nice getting back to reading books on the couch with the kiddos. Amazingly, I'm finding some things happening naturally that will help with scheduling the school day if we keep it up--for example, Lucan seems to be nursing approximately 7:30, 10:30, and 1:30 throughout the morning/early afternoon. It has worked well to put him down for his 11:45ish nap, while we're finishing lunch, and then have Kenna do her room time while we do Sonlight reading. That will free up part of the afternoon for me to take a nap (if the stars and planets are all in proper alignment, e.g. if Lucan and Kenna both nap well at the same time!). Currently I have Grandma as a back-up if I need a nap and all is not perfectly arranged!

So, we're back to school...I've done some light housework...and apparently I also need to get back to meal planning. I had been told by the Kitchen Kindness coordinator that meals would arrive M-W-F through April 17; however, no one contacted us last Friday, and we haven't had any meals delivered this week, either. We did get a casserole from my friend Heather when we were over at her house for Easter, so that was our dinner last night. Thanks, Heather!! And we're obviously not starving, LOL. I just need to do some planning is all. I enjoy creating and planning our menu, and now that I'm moving around better, I will enjoy cooking again as well. My only dread is grocery shopping!

Lucan is doing quite well. He is feeding approximately every 2 1/2 to 3 hours, every now and then going 4 hours. When he's fussy, there is usually a reason, though maybe not immediately apparent. (But we figure it out after he blasts out some poop or spits up what seems to be a gallon of curdled milk. Yum.) He's definitely a snuggle muffin...the times when he's fussy and we can't seem to quiet him, he usually responds to snuggle time on Daddy's chest, and the two of them conk out together.

Kenna continues to enjoy cooing over "Baby Duck-an" and doesn't seem at all threatened or jealous. I think it has helped to have Grandma around to read to her and play with her. It's been fun watching her growing interest in puzzles. When Arden was her age, he could do a couple of our 100-piece puzzles (no exaggeration). But Kenna's gifting is definitely in the arena of physical activity! So I've been pleased to see her attention span developing as well as her finer motor skills now that she is working on wooden puzzles alone or with a family member.

The boys have been playing pretty well together lately, which is a huge blessing. There are definitely moments--this week we're working on memorizing some verses about self-control! But overall they have been good pals, which is great with all the extra free time on their hands. Our foosball table has been put to good use almost every day, and they and Charis are all getting quite good at the game.

Ted is still waiting for his orders from the Air Force. Normally we would have them by now, but for various reasons the deadline has been pushed back to the end of April. And here's the kicker--we could actually get an assignment but not know the location until JUNE!!! I'm not sure how that would work, but I'm getting extremely tired of not knowing what's going to happen, where we're going to be, etc!!! It's really wearing on us both. How are we supposed to plan whether or not we can help with Commission this summer?! Or whether or not I can attend Convention (though I've already registered)? We are waiting...not so patiently...on the Lord to reveal His plan for us and are eager to get some answers.

In the meantime, we're also eager to get any kind of sleep these days!

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Debi Joy said...

Although waiting for your assignment is beyond frustrating and makes planning difficult, the blessing is that Ted has a wonderful job that provides for your family. Rest in that knowledge when patience is hard..