March 14, 2009

You Know You're "Over" Being Pregnant When...

1. Your ankles are as big as your knees.

2. The only shoes you ever wear are flip-flops, no matter what the temperature.

3. You've outgrown some of your maternity clothes.

4. After struggling to take your ring off to apply lotion, you start to think it wouldn't really be THAT bad if people mistake you for an unwed mother.

5. Between having contractions, leg cramps, and a nearly continually full bladder, you actually believe you'll get MORE sleep AFTER the baby arrives.

6. Your Bible study takes on a whole new perspective: "Deliver me, O Lord..."

7. Your toddler closes the dishwasher by standing up and using her leg to kick the door upwards...because that's the only way she remembers seeing YOU close it.

8. You seriously consider sleeping outside under the full moon to see if there's any truth to the idea of going into labor during that phase.

9. Your idea of sweeping the floor is to kick the Cheerios underneath the cabinets where they can't be immediately seen.

10. You silently dare anyone to ask you "How much longer?!"


the Pools said...

hahaha! guess I'm not there...yet! I am so glad everything is looking great with the little one. I have been thinking about you a lot. You will know it's bad when Kenna starts "sweeping" like her Mamma too! :) Love ya!

The Perrymans said...

Who said you need to be pregnant for some of those things to apply :o) We're waiting and checking to see when the newest member of your precious family makes his appearance. And it is an answer to prayer that everything is measuring OK. Love you guys!