March 25, 2009

Kenna's Tricks

Lately Kenna's favorite two activities are changing her clothes and washing her hands. She has a creative sense of fashion, and we're still working on putting clean clothes BACK into her drawers. I'm tempted to lock all her drawers, but it does keep her occupied. As for washing her hands, I find her hanging over the edge of the sink several times a day with the water running over her least she's concerned about good hygiene, LOL!

But the best trick happened Monday afternoon. I was sitting with my swollen feet and legs propped up on the couch, enjoying a good read. Kenna had been watching her Elmo potty DVD, but apparently she got bored during part of it and wandered off. She had an idea firmly fixed in her head--she had seen the phone that I brought with me to the couch in case anyone called and was a bit disgruntled that I wouldn't let her "talk." Well. She took matters into her own hands, apparently. A few minutes later the phone rang, and it was Ted. "I think Kenna just called me from your cell phone," he said. I looked into the kitchen, and sure enough, she had climbed up to get my cell phone from the counter and somehow managed to find the button to dial Ted's cell number! He said his phone rang, and when he answered it, he heard a little voice say, "Hi!" But that's all...he talked to her, but she didn't say anything else.

The kids and I sure giggled about that story for quite awhile!


Tina Miles said...

That's too cute! James and I got a laugh out of the phone call! And with her handwashing issues, we'll be hoping she doesn't become a germaphobe! :) At least she's just washing her hands, not spashing the water all over the place (my Alex at that age).

Amy Kilpatrick said...

Oh, girl, you were lucky! When Alison was about 18 months, she dialed 911. In the meantime, I had gotten in the shower. The phone rang when I got out and the dispatcher told me an officer was at my door. He was NOT pleased to be waiting on me as I threw my hair up in a towel and put on my robe! Learn from me!