March 19, 2009

Back to "Normal"

Yesterday we had a fairly "normal" day--Ted went back to work (not without a few sighs, however!), since there was no reason to keep him home...I hadn't had any painful contractions since our drive home from the hospital Monday night. I still am having contractions at the rate of a few per hour, but they are just the annoying, tightening ones that I've had for literally months, so nothing seems to be happening. Weird how my body seemed to gear up completely for labor and then stopped.

Anyway, we did some math and language arts in the morning, and then I packed a picnic lunch and took the kids to the park for over 2 hours. It was gorgeous outside, and I was hoping to ensure Kenna would take a good nap, but alas, she never did sleep yesterday afternoon. We did, however, spend a good hour on the couch (we as in the older 3 and I) doing our Sonlight reading, and then I got a pseudo-nap while listening for Kenna. We went to church last night and were home in time to watch American Idol (go Danny, Adam, and Megan!), then crashed.

This morning dawned bright and beautiful again. I am loving this weather! The older kids had PE, so I dropped them off and then grabbed a few groceries with Kenna before coming home to prep for my Stampin' Up! workshop tonight. I got everything packed and ready to go, and then Debi came over to have me help her sign up as a demonstrator online!! I'm so excited that she is finally joining my group of demonstrators--I know she will do fabulous with her outgoing personality, sales background, and of course passion for stamping and scrapbooking!

The kids just finished lunch, and Kenna is down for what will hopefully be a loooong nap to make up for yesterday's lack. (She was up early this morning, too!) I'm heading downstairs to finish our Sonlight reading for the week--we have stamp club here at the house tomorrow, so no afternoon school for us. Then, Lord willing, if Kenna is asleep, the other kids will get a movie while I get a nap!! If I'm going to have energy for tonight's stamping party, I need some zzz's!

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