March 02, 2009

I Am WAY Too Pregnant for This

Today's Kenna stunt--unlike Friday's act, which was mildly amusing (she grabbed the bottle of vanilla while we were making her birthday brownie pie and started chugging it), today's adventure involved feces.


Will someone please tell me how I'm supposed to homeschool when there's a toddler on the loose who has no aversion to smearing poop on her carpet, laundry hamper, or walls??


Megan said...

You need some of the lightweight cotton sleepers from The Children's Place. Put them on backwards and zip them up. ;-) Let her wear them as everyday clothes. (Evan didn't even realize until yesterday that his pajamas could zip up the front, because I always put them on him backwards. My mom even made a couple of homemade zip-up pajamas for Sela that had the zippers running up the back.)

I am trying to figure out how to nurse a baby without parking my kids in front of the TV/movie in the same room with me. I can't seem to trust them out of my sight lately. *sigh*

The Litwillers said...

Beverly--can't give advice to your problem, other than something involving duct tape...

Megan--Start by bribing them to stay in one place until they are trained to do the same thing everytime you nurse. Then pull away the bribe. That's how I got the boys to behave when I have to use the bathroom. They no longer expect a treat (like a jelly bean) whenever I have to go, but they know they have to behave. Just a suggestion! Or you could try the reading to them trick and have a special basket of toys and books only to be used while you nurse. That's what my mother-in-law did.

Ski said...

Do you know anybody else who lives close that has a two year old who might be willing to do some type of exchange? Say they take Kenna a couple of mornings a week and you maybe babysit some evening or take their little one a couple days a week. That way Kenna has someone her age to play with and maybe work/run off some of her energy.