March 21, 2009


There really isn't much to announce for a baby update, but Megan told me people were "stalking" me, so I figured I'd share the latest. ;-) I saw the OB yesterday afternoon, and absolutely nothing had changed since Monday night--still 2 cm, only partially effaced, baby's head at -2. She did "stir things up" a little, and I had a few crampy contractions off and on the rest of the afternoon and evening, but I was able to sleep fairly well and haven't really had anything other than the usual tight contractions here and there today. So, looks like he still needs to "cook at little," as Ted would say!

Speaking of Ted, tomorrow is his birthday!! I did a little bday shopping for him after my appointment yesterday, and Charis and I found a great deal on another birthday item when we were out this morning. I wasn't really intending on having a day "out," but our homeschool group's garage sale was today, plus I needed to mail a package (Megan--your box should arrive next week!!), so out we went. It turned out to be a really fun girls' day!! At the garage sale, Charis was delighted to find a little indoor "tent" and spent a grand total of $2 for that and a little miniature doll house. She kept exclaiming over and over how she couldn't believe what a good deal she got!! I found a little "tutu" for Kenna to play dress-up with, and she looks darling in it. Plus I got her 2 pairs of sandals which fit great and will be wonderful for summer. Also got a few books for the boys plus a Spiderman mask with attached cape, which they will have to share, but for 25 cents I couldn't leave it!

After the garage sale, we headed to Walmart to look for some new shoes for Charis. I ended up splurging a little and got 3 pairs for her and 2 pairs for me for a grand total of $35, which I thought was pretty good! Charis really didn't have any comfortable spring/summer shoes, so we got her some casual flip-flops for everyday use, some nicer, dressy, pink flip-flops, plus some casual slip-ons. I haven't bought any shoes for myself in a really long time, and after wearing my Old Navy flip-flops for what seems like an eternity, I think I'll enjoy wearing something different when my feet aren't so puffy anymore!

Then it was off to Home Depot to get a new doorknob for the pantry, since a plastic part inside had broken, rendering it nearly impossible to open the door (which wasn't necessarily a BAD thing...). By the time we were finished there, it was just past noon, so I decided to treat us to lunch out. Charis chose Red Robin, which was just fine with me, so we enjoyed a nice lunch together before heading home. We were impressed by the service (we usually are there)--Charis had ordered mac and cheese but didn't really care for it; the cheese was gloppy and overall was just pretty creamy and fatty tasting. Well, she had gone to use the restroom when a manager stopped by to "remind" us that there was unlimited refills on the mac and cheese. I confessed that Charis probably wouldn't want any more, as she wasn't too keen on what she was eating to begin with! The manager offered to trade for something else, so I got a cheeseburger for her since Charis had been saying she wished she had ordered that instead. When she returned to her seat, Charis was delighted to find that she could indeed have her cheeseburger! Plus, on our ticket, they only charged us for the cheeseburger meal instead of the mac and cheese, which was a little more expensive. I took the time to fill out a POSITIVE comment card and left a nice tip. :-)

So, that's been most of our Saturday! I took a nap after getting home, and I should get started on Ted's birthday cake. We haven't planned much for his birthday, not knowing whether or not we'd be at the hospital, LOL, but we decided to invite the T family over for games tomorrow afternoon/evening. Later on, after Baby has arrived and we're in a good schedule, we plan to take in a good show since we'll be leaving LV this summer. Possibly Terry Fator, but not sure yet.

Guess that's all to report for now!

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Melissa said...

Sounds like a really fun day! We love Red Robin too.