November 30, 2007

Blog Roll Update!

I enjoy keeping up with friends and family via their blogs, but my list of blogging friends is growing way out of control. Either you people need to stop having such interesting lives or else you need to stop writing about them, because it is way too easy to let my children have run of the house while I "catch up" with you all!

OK, it's high time I paid some attention to my template. As you probably have not noticed, I moved my "Other Links" up above the ever-lengthening archive list so you can actually see it. I also added some "other links." Now, those of you who are on this list, I noticed, have linked to my blog--which is perfectly fine!--and so I figured you wouldn't mind if I did the same. If you are a fellow blogger and would like to be included as a link on my page, please leave me a comment and I will remedy your absence on my list! I know some people prefer to keep their blogs private. And, likewise, if you're on my list already and prefer NOT to be on my list, please leave me a (nice) comment saying please and I will remove you from the list. But don't expect me to read your blog anymore. (Ha, that's a joke! Don't take it personally!)

And for those of you who have asked if you can link to my blog, this is a generic, blanket permission slip for you to do so. I am careful not to use last names or get too specific with locations, etc., and this is a public blog, so link away!


Amos said...

Wow, when you go out of town you definitely have some catching up to do. We were in CO and one of these times I would so love to meet Sarah. Your families are such a blessing to me.

So anyway, lots of fun things happening at your house. Happy Belated Birthday first of all. Sounds like you had a great time. I really like the experiences decision instead of gifts. It makes it so much more memorable I think.

Kenna sure is growing up so fast. And so cute I must say. And what a great thing for Grandma to be able to come and visit too.

Well I really should unpack my suitcases. I got to everything else yesterday, just not that. Hope you have an awesome Saturday.

Megan said...

I'm a bit addicted to reading my friends' blogs, too. But I'd say that your life is way more interesting than ours! LOL

Sonshine said...

Hello! I love reading your blog and catching up with your life! :) You can add my blog to your list! here is the url...