November 04, 2007

A Tender Heart

During her short life, Charis has demonstrated often that she has a very tender heart towards others and towards the things of God. I've prayed that she would always have a passion for God's Word, and it's been very exciting to see how that prayer is being answered even daily.

For her birthday Charis received a girls' devotional book. It has verses, a short devotional, application questions, a prayer, and an activity page. She LOVES this kind of thing, and I was not too surprised when she told me the other day that she wanted to get up early and have her quiet time like Mommy and Daddy do. Sure enough, the next morning, she was up at a quarter to seven! (This is the girl who would sleep until 9:00 if left undisturbed!) She has done the devotions on her own and is so excited to show us what she has done each day. I pray she always has this excitement.

During breakfasts we have been reading Psalms before we start our home school day, and lately we've been working our way through Psalm 119, one or two sections each day. One day I made the comment that some of the verses were good prayers, and Charis got the idea to write out a prayer to God using some of those verses. She begged me to be able to do that for her handwriting practice, so she got a practice page and very carefully wrote the following prayer, which she then posted next to her bed so she could "read it every morning to God!"

Dear God,
I want to obey your laws for ever and ever. Turn my heart toward your statutes and not toward selfish gain. Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to yor Word. I will never leave you. O, Lord. I love you God. Amen.

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