November 21, 2007

The Sideways Game

Kenna is at the stage where she loves to tilt her head sideways when she's in her booster chair. (Do other kids go through that, or just mine?!) She'll be munching on a snack and just flop her head over, waiting for us to smile and tilt our heads to match hers. It's very cute!

On a slightly related note, I am pleased to report that she is nursing much better now. I do have to be careful to make sure we're in an undisturbed environment (which means staying in my bedroom for daytime feedings!), and we have had to resort to bottles a few times due to her stuffy nose and complete dislike of lying down to feed when she couldn't breathe...but overall, I'm very encouraged!

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The Litwillers said...

Matthew says, "Awww....she's so cute! Look, she's eating!"

And after seeing the shadow video he said, "Why isn't she eating?? Hey, Ben has one of those spoons!"