November 12, 2007

...Or Not?

Ironically, after I posted about Kenna's refusal to nurse, she woke at 1 a.m. that night and nursed for a LONG time, longer than she has for quite awhile. She nursed again the next morning around 6:00, and though she didn't take any more breastmilk during the day, she did nurse again for a bit before going down for the night. During these couple of months that we've had difficulties, I have noticed that she does pretty well with nursing right after she wakes up (or if we wake her up). She's been having little cat naps in the evening, so that may be helping her nurse well before bedtime.

Her appetite for solids also drastically improved yesterday, and we saw a voracious eater today. I am pleased to report that she has already nursed three times today (although, truth be told, the afternoon feeding was not without some major struggles), and I'm expecting that we'll have a good feeding again before bedtime. She's asleep now, but I'll wake her to nurse and then change her into jammies.

I'm glad I've continued to offer breastmilk regardless of whether I think she'll take it or not, because as today has shown, she is predictably unpredictable! I have high hopes that perhaps we can at least maintain early morning and nighttime nursing periods...and who knows?! Maybe if she will decide to nurse during the day she can help build up my milk supply again.


Megan said...

Kenna and nursing sounds about like Sela and sleeping. There is NO rhyme or reason to her sleep schedule and its crazy fluctuations.

The Litwillers said...

Sounds like she's just excersing her rights as a woman...can't make up her mind!

Ski said...

Seen any teeth? You can also try an ibroprophin to help with the pain and relieve the swelling. For Meghan the ibrophophin worked best while Tylenol worked best for Tabitha. Good luck and good for you for keeping at it!