March 27, 2007

Bath Time

I love this little bath "cradle." Before, with the other kids, we used a baby bath tub that fit over the sink. It was among the baby things we gave away, so I got this handy little contraption with a gift card. It's great! It fits in the kitchen sink and allows for easy bathing of an infant. Kenna's not so keen on her baths, however, but mostly because I think she gets chilly. We have some wonderful baby lotion that is lavender scented, and while I didn't necessarily believe the label when it said it was "calming and soothing to help babies sleep," I have noticed that after getting clean, dry, lotioned, and cozied up in a blanket, Kenna is so alert and calm. I love cuddling with her after a bath, and I have noticed that the next nap she has is a very good one, so who knows?! Maybe there is something to this lotion potion!

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Megan said...

Our baby tub came with a little hammock, and I love it! I can't imagine trying to hold onto a newborn in a little tub. I would need six hands!

Sela used to get cold during her baths, so I'd drape a wash cloth over her chest and tummy and pour warm water over it every minute or two. That seemed to help keep her warmer.