March 19, 2007

Tobin's Take on the Baby

Tobin, our resident comedian, has had some funny things to say about Kenna. Of course, he doesn't realize how funny they are, but leave it to Tobin to be the one to say things like...

"Mommy, I really wanted to see the baby pop out of your tummy." (He was genuinely disappointed that he wasn't in on the action at the hospital!)

While stroking Kenna's hands and feet: "I didn't realize that babies had such soft fur."

While watching a movie and getting slightly disgruntled that he couldn't hear because of Kenna's crying: "Awww...maybe you should take her into another room."

When first watching me burp Kenna (said with a certain amount of alarm): "Mama, why are you hitting her?!"

When first watching me nurse Kenna: "What are THOSE?!"

Upon hearing that "those" are how Kenna gets her milk: "Where are the holes?"

"Did you have those things before Kenna was born?"

("Those things" are now the typical way he refers to my boobs--I decided it was better to have him say "those things" than to hear my almost 5-year-old boy talk about my "breasts" or my "boobs.")

"Those things are silly!"

"Will Charis have those things when she grows up?"

"Will I have them?"

"Why not?!"


Megan said...

Tobin is hysterical!!

Yesterday Sela was watching John shave (with our bathroom in disarray, he was shaving at the sink rather than in the shower w/ a mirror like he usually does). They had some sort of conversation about facial hair and how she would (theoretically) never need to shave her face because she "has ovaries."

Bob & Claire said...

These are so funny! Yeah, nursing is always a big source of fascination for the first few weeks for the boys who are too young to have seen it before! : ) Jonathan was funny the other day. He was giving me a "backrub" with these bongo-type things, and all of a sudden he really started whaling away on my back. I asked him why he was hitting so hard, and he said, "I'm (oof) helping to (oof) push the baby out for you (oof)" It was funny. I'd like some help!

Anonymous said...

What a funny little man! He and Matthew should get together. Tobin can talk about "those things" and Matthew can tell him all about Mommy's "diapers..."