April 02, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again...

...but I keep falling off! We're trying to get back into somewhat of a routine again, and while it is a worthy goal that succeeds on some occasions, on others it fails miserably. But that doesn't matter, I know. The days when we're "on" and things are going well--i.e. we're actually home schooling, we pick up after ourselves, and Kenna nurses predictably--I just try to enjoy the ride. There are plenty of days when we're all wearing our pajamas until well after lunch, school is the last thing on our minds, and the house is in utter chaos!

I know that some day I will look back and wish I had more time with my children during their early years. I know I will never look back and wish I had kept my house cleaner. So I'm trying to lay aside the control-freak part of my personality that always feels the need to control my surroundings by calming the clutter and managing the messes. It does give me a sense of peace and well-being to be able to look around and see things in order. However, I realize that true peace doesn't come from a clean house or a perfectly scheduled day. (If it did, we'd all be in trouble!)

So, we're chugging along, doing the best we can. We've had some fabulous home schooling days...and we've skipped a lot of days. I just placed our next Sonlight order and am SOOOO excited about getting Our Box before too long! I think that will energize all of us. I've really missed "doing Sonlight." This year ended up being kind of piece-meal, and while I think we've done all right, it hasn't had the "pizzazz" that I know we'll enjoy when we're doing a Sonlight core. I've ordered Core C (formerly known as Core K) and plan to have both Tobin and Charis going through it. He may dictate much of his language arts work to me, as he's still in the beginning stages of controlling his handwriting, but I think he'll really enjoy all the history and read-alouds, not to mention the science.

Science!! I'm so excited to actually have a curriculum for this subject! It has been entirely ignored this year. I'm just not one to go looking for little experiments to do, but when it's all laid-out for me--bada bing, bada boom--the Type A personality kicks in and I'll be all set to check off our activities!

We plan to do the read-alouds together in the evening as a family. This is one of the reasons we chose Sonlight in the first place--we all love good books, and I can't wait to share more moments with the kids and with Ted as we read classics together! (The kids and I are currently working our way through Mary Poppins!)

I even ordered an updated Pre-K instructor's guide along with the 3 new additions to the Core B/Pre-K core. (I get a 50% discount off the IG because I've already purchased it.) I may try leisurely working through that schedule with Arden...I think it would be good for both of us to have regularly scheduled time together. He sometimes can sit in on the read-alouds that Tobin and Charis enjoy, but often they just don't hold his attention. He's great about entertaining himself, but I know he also craves some lap time with Mommy.

Kenna has gotten into a great little routine. Unfortunately, she has had the sniffles the last few days, but I think we're coming out of that. I can almost set my clock by her--she's that regular about her feedings! I'm hoping that means she'll be sleeping through the night before too long. (Please, dear Lord!!!) On the days when we're able to do school, it works well for me to nurse Kenna, eat breakfast with the big kids, put Kenna down for a nap, and begin school. Then, when we're finished, or at least at a great stopping point, I get Kenna up to nurse again, then fix lunch for the big kids. On days when we have to go somewhere (Bible study, doctor's appointment...), we just kind of play things by ear, but it does seem that her feeding times are generally close to the same time each day, and I'm thankful for that. This is one mommy who NEEDS a routine!!

Well, I guess I can't close a post without a picture of our dear little one, so here it is! This is Kenna, one month old. Isn't she adorable?! A friend gave us this cute little outfit last week, and it fits perfectly. Another friend gave her the bunny, which Ted and I think will become her most special "buddy." (That's the term our kids use for their stuffed animals--"Mommy, before you tuck me in I need to set up my buddies.") Charis has Snuggle Bear, who has been with us since the very beginning and became especially dear when she was in the ER with croup. Snuggle Bear has been joined by an assortment of animals that come and go from the inner circle of Charis's little friends. Currently the circle includes Lady, Susy, and Hallie, the latter of which recently replaced Sally. Tobin has his Ellie, his one and only love when it comes to Animals Who Can Help With One's Emotional Outbursts. And Arden has the same Comfort Blob that he has had for ages: Mr. Tiger, Duckie, and Airplane Blankie.

I suppose I should start bath time, but I could think of so much more to write! Maybe it wouldn't hurt to let the kids play a little longer so I can catch up on our blog...


Bob & Claire said...

I am right there with you as far as the schooling routine (see my "Treading Water" post, LOL)! Next year . . . that's what I keep telling myself! : ) But I love to see the boys with Anna, and I know those are lessons that they can't get anywhere else but at home. I'll keep praying that that full-night sleep for you! Even just one night makes such a huge difference. Hang in there!

Beverly said...

Hee hee! I have a friend who says, on days (or weeks) like these, that, "Well, we're doing a lot of home ec these days!" That's where we're at a lot, too, and I figure eventually they'll all need to know how to do their own laundry, keep house, cook, and take care of babies anyways, so why not begin learning now!